Our Vision

To be the technology provider of choice for corporate Africa


Founded with a mission of providing technology solutions and support that help African businesses succeed, Techie Planet is a technology consulting and business solutions company focusing on increasing the productivity, revenue, and growth of businesses by providing quality software solutions, cloud technology services, and product development.

We have always been being a technology partner for companies in different niches with three goals in mind – offer trusted service, increase the revenue of our clients and boost their productivity.

We employ modern technology tools and best practices in the development of solutions while focusing not just on functions but other important dynamics like scalability, security, project management, and support. 

Our constant objective as a solution provider is to improve business processes, catalyze operational throughput and help achieve the goals of our clients.

Our word

We are committed to your success

Solving problems and creating growth for organizations through technology is what we do best. Our mission is to keep providing the technology solutions and support that help African businesses increase their productivity and succeed on their goals, easier and faster.

Organizations are unique but whatever growth means to your organization, we have created a formidable team over the years, that possesses the expertise, experience, and business innovation skills to create a significant positive impact through relevant and modern technology solutions.

Our work always involves the creation of high-end solutions that are highly scalable and have good quality assurance ratings. We have always achieved that without fail, due to our competent team and efficient processes. All our solutions are delivered with agile methodologies in a manner that suits each client and project. The combined complementary and collaborative abilities of our team come together to achieve a guaranteed delivery of trusted solutions.

Whether we are pulled in on-demand to your project ideas or we are nudging you towards an innovation opportunity, the same results are guaranteed. This is because aside from our people and processes, our primary objective is the success of our client and this guides all we do with you. We understand that a brand is a promise and we keep our promises for the sake of our brand.

We appreciate you for taking the time to visit our website and we hope you have found what you are looking for. 

If you desire more information, our ever-excellent customer support team will be happy to provide them to you, just take a moment to send us a message via our contact page.

We look forward to working with you to create growth in your organization. Send us a message on your needs and you will get a great team on board in no time, to create the best-fit growth-oriented solutions for you.

Thanks again and cheers to creating success together!

Why Choose Us

We listen and work with you to achieve your business objectives. We adopt the best industry-standard processes and tools to ensure best results and our primary aim is to see you succeed.

Trusted Solutions

Our solutions guarantee value and quality to achieve your business goals.

Revenue Increase

Increase your revenue and stay ahead of competition with our innovative services


Improve employee work efficiency  with our productivity and digital transformation tools

Our Process

Our Agile Iterative Development Process Guarantees Success on your Projects


Requirements Analysis & System Design


System Implementation & Testing


Deployment and Support


Iterate Till Finish

Are you ready for growth

Ease up all your day-to-day business activities such as accounting, customer relationship, procurement, project management, compliance, and supply chain operations with one central and efficient solution.

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