Standing Order Automation

A financial service solution that automates the entire process of standing order processing from merchant-payer agreement to direct debits on payers’ bank accounts.

Sellers don’t have to worry about payment collection every month and the banks their accounts are domiciled do not have to assign staff to keep processing these orders, they are done automatically managed by the solution.

National Health Logistics Solution (OpenLMIS)

This project aids the Government of Eswatini to manage the logistics of commodities distribution from warehouses to health facilities across the country including the departments in the facilities.

The departments and facilities send requests of commodities they need to perform their services to higher levels in hierarchy up to the warehouses where the products are issued and tracked back down to the point of dispensary to patients. This promotes accountability of drugs and health products purchase and distribution in the system thereby saving funds, provides real consumption data, and keeps the health facilities well stocked with drugs and other products needed to render their services.

Family Planning Dashboard Nigeria

Family Planning Dashboard is an application for tracking family planning operations and personnel in all approximately 40000 hospitals, clinics, and health centres across Nigeria.

All data collected are funnelled into a central data warehouse where extensive ETL, cleansing, and analytics are done on them to create informative charts and reports for health administrators at the Dederal and State Ministries of Health for planning family planning activities and personnel in all states of the country.

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