Web Applications and Portals

Digitalize and automate your business operations with tailor-made solutions to enable your staff and customers to carry out transactions easily and securely from anywhere in the world.

We deliver high-end enterprise portals, customer portals, e-commerce solutions, etc. made to the bespoke needs of your business.

Our web applications are well architectured for scalability, stability, and performance to deliver on business goals. We also place a high value on attractive user interfaces and excellent user experience to achieve the best results for your business.


Big Data & Business Analytics

Make accurate business decisions with data insights. We seamlessly funnel your data from various channels and pipelines, then create insightful visualized information from them to help you better understand and accelerate your business.

Enterprise data comes from various sources including IoT sensors, databases and files, APIs, application logs, and so on. We utilize the right technologies and approaches to extract, transform and load the data into silos, then apply the best algorithms to analyze the data to provide business insights.

We enliven your data through thorough analysis and present it in an actionable form using either turnkey or custom data analytics tools.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Ease up all your day-to-day business activities such as accounting, customer relationship, procurement, project management, compliance, and supply chain operations with one central and efficient solution.

Our ERP systems handle your routine processes in the most dynamic manner that lets you focus more on your business development and strategy.

We are adept in the implementation and customization of industry best ERP software to automate your business processes and increase your productivity.

seamless integration

Systems Integration

We help improve the quality, speed and productivity of your operations by connecting multiple software systems within your company or others in outside organizations. This enables the seamless exchange of data, interconnection of systems and functions across departmental and organizational boundaries, as well as swifter integration of dedicated functions from other sources into your core solutions to help you to achieve your goals faster, smoother, and securely.

Open Source Software (OSS) Customization

Organizations typically adopt proven enterprise-grade software solutions that solve specific problems out of the box but sometimes still need the flexibility to tailor the solution to solve their unique problems, hence the need for the adoption of open-source software (OSS).

Techie Planet is well experienced in the implementation, customisation, deployment, and support of open source solutions. We masterfully understudy the implementation protocols of the software to extend it and provide your organisation with the necessary unique features for your goals. We also maintain the application quality and security and manage upgrades seamlessly.

Maintenance and Support

From routine reliability checks, data backups to security scans, process and performance audits, to software upgrades and bug fixes; we manage, maintain, and resolve your technological problems.

Our maintenance and support services keep your business running at optimal levels and prevent tech disasters in your environment. This does not only lead to steady business operations and revenue inflow but also the prevention of huge losses that come with inadequate or inefficient maintenance activities.

We are trusted by global organizations

Your business too deserves to succeed! Stay ahead of the curve with our excellent technology services.

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