Our e-health services include providing technology support, tools, and solutions that create better health intervention program outcomes to governmental and non-governmental bodies. We also create innovative solutions and products that improve the health sector.

Concept Analysis & TOR Development
We brainstorm with your team on your program concepts to produce a comprehensive TOR document.
Data Modelling
Elicitation of the data points to be collected, the data sources, statistical operations to perform on them, and visualizations to create.
Data Collection
We provide the tools such as apps and APIs to help you collect data from individuals and other systems
System Implementation
We provide the technology platform where you can track and execute the required analytics on your data, as well as the necessary visualizations
We deploy successfully implemented solutions on the right hardware and with a scaling mindset, to guarantee efficient running and 100% uptime for your platform
Support and Maintenance
We provide the tools to help your users get help easily while using your platform. We also keep your services optimal by quick resolution of complaints and defects

Open Source Software Customisation

We provide smooth and professional implementation, customization, and extension of open-source health solutions.


Electronic Logistics Management Information System (eLMIS)

With the advent of COVID-19 and other communicable infectious diseases, there has been an increased need and production of vaccines and other health commodities. Effective logistics of these, therefore, becomes paramount to manage and prevent surges in the proliferation of infectious diseases in communities.

Techie Planet provides suitably proficient logistics information systems to calculate and plan requisite quantities of vaccines, equipment, and other commodities required to tackle the challenges. We also provide the tools to effectively map distribution to need per location to achieve optimum consumption of resources around affected locations.

We are adept implementation of Microsoft Navision, OpenLMIS, custom and bespoke logistics software and other logistics tools.


Custom (bespoke) Solutions for unique health outcomes

Unique problems require unique solutions that are usually not possible to create with Off-The-Shelf (OTS) proprietary solutions of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) solutions.

In such situations, we provide you with the technological expertise you need to achieve your goals from brainstorming with you from the conceptual stages to implementation and smooth delivery of the final solution to your end-users. We also provide post-deployment support to keep your solution delivering on its purposes and avail your users the best experience while using your solution.

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